How to Apply

The Trust aims to make a lasting difference to the people of Kent by making grants that will reduce the impact of poverty and social exclusion.  We are delighted to announce five new funding programmes, each designed to invest in local communities and voluntary sector organisations working to improve the lives of those living at the margins of society.

The five programmes will be phased in over the next few months.  Please revisit this website regularly to review the details.  Please read the programme material carefully as each is different in the scale of grants on offer and the eligibility criteria that will apply. 

Investing in Young People

Building on the success of our funding for ‘young people with poverty of opportunity’, this new programme will continue to make grants to support disadvantaged young people; with the aim of improving their skills, building their confidence and resilience and breaking down the barriers to their employment. 

Read the programme guidance material

Prepare your application by downloading the questions in advance

Submit your application


Investing in Communities

We believe that small, locally focused organisations are often best-placed to deliver flexible, responsive and direct support to the most vulnerable people in society.  We also recognise that, at a time of rising demand for their services smaller organisations have been particularly hard hit by funding cuts and the move to contracts and tender-based funding.   This programme will offer small grants to community organisations and local charities in Kent to strengthen their resilience and build their capacity to deliver sustainable, face-to-face services to people at the margins of society.

Programme material and the online application form will be available in October 2018


Investing in Families

We believe that ‘families’ in the most inclusive sense of the word, are the bedrock of societies.  Too many are struggling at the sharp end of socio-economic problems; facing persistent and chronic poverty and overwhelmed by desperate circumstances.  Poverty restricts their choices and too many are having to make impossible decisions, such as whether to heat their homes or pay their rent.    This programme will make grants to organisations working to support the most vulnerable and disadvantaged families, thereby improving people’s life chances and promoting social cohesion.

Programme material and the online application form will be available in November 2018


Investing in Rehabilitation

We believe that prisoners should be given every opportunity to make a positive and sustainable change in their lives thereby reducing the chances of them reoffending after release.  We also recognise that prisoners’ families are greatly affected by their imprisonment: financially, socially, emotionally and practically. This programme will make grants to support the rehabilitation of offenders and help reduce the collateral consequences of their imprisonment for their families; with the overall aim of reducing the risk of recidivism. 

Programme material and the online application form will be available by December 2018


Investing Locally

This programme will seek to make a significant difference to one or more very localised areas of Kent; areas which are recognised as being amongst the most deprived in the county.  The programme will be launched in 2019, the Trust’s 50th anniversary year, and will follow on from a period of investigation and consultation with the local voluntary sector and other stakeholders.

Programme material and the online application form will be available in 2019


Hardship Award Programme

The hardship grants are aimed at disadvantaged young people living in Kent and are intended to meet the costs of practical items such as: interview clothes; course fees; tools or equipment; travel costs to a new job etc.   All applicants must be referred by an approved CFCT referral partner.  If your organisation believes it may be in a position to refer young people for a hardship award please download this guidance material which provides programme criteria and information about how to apply to become a partner.

Approved Referral Partners will be able to make a hardship grant application online by clicking on the following link and entering their password:  Hardship Award Programme Application Form